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Kim + Brad | One-Year Anniversary

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I can’t believe we photographed Kim and Brads wedding over a year ago.  These two got married in Puerto Vallarta in November of 2012 and as the weather drops here, I can’t help but think of that beautiful beach.  We couldn’t have gotten further from those memories as Kim, Brad and their dogs didn’t mind heading out in the middle of a snow storm for their one-year anniversary photography session.

These two friends of ours also have some huge news to share… Kim is due with their first baby on July 13!  They broke the news to us that morning and we vowed to keep it a secret.  TJ and I are both excited to finally publicly say… Congratulations!

Take a look at their snowy session!

K+B_0426K+B_0428 K+B_0427 K+B_0429


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