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We’re TJ and Shannon Uttke. We live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we have a dog and we take photos.

We also consider ourselves anti-wedding industry photographers. Don't get us wrong—we love real love, however it looks, wherever it is. But unlike the wedding industry, we also love real weddings. We love them because they’re honest, unscripted, and sometimes happen in the rain. We’re eager to meet couples who value this, too—couples who slow down, take risks, and aren’t afraid to set convention aside. Because while weddings drive a lot of what we do, we’re just as much inspired by real couples and their real stories, by breaking traditions and making new ones instead. And the wedding industry—filled with expectations, etiquette, basic and blown-out images—doesn’t always want us to tell your story right. We get along with couples who trust us to tell theirs.

Whether you’re planning to elope and want to invite us along for the ride or have a wild and weird wedding idea you have a feeling we’d be into as well, we think now sounds like a pretty good time to crack open a cold one together

Come on, get at us. The beer’s getting warm!

Meet  T J

Meet Shannon

TJ's photography career began a long time ago, whether he realizes it or not. At a young age, Mrs. Uttke (the original), saw TJ had an eye for taking good photos. For birthdays and gifts, she would often give a film camera to him. He was always the "one with the camera". During his last year of college, his roommate's wedding photographer backed out. After weeks of convincing, 23-year-old TJ finally agreed to bring his camera to document their day. It went awfully but not so terrible that another person asked him to photograph their wedding. That was over 250 weddings ago.

Favorite food: Kopps Cheeseburgers
Road trip snack: A can of Coke Classic and string cheese
Favorite Band: PhewPhewPhew

Growing up, Shannon wanted to be a "senior portrait photographer" (why limit yourself to that?) so when TJ asked her to join him on a few photo shoots, it was easy to say yes. Coming from a graphic design background, Shannon fell in love with photography quickly. She still practices graphic design (check out our design page here) and loves creating wedding invitations and day-of items to make wedding days cohesive.  

Favorite food: Happy Chicken from dandan
Road trip snack: Dark Cherry Propel and turkey jerky
Favorite Band: Vampire Weekend

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