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uttke photography

common questions


how do you pronounce your name?

Important question. Important answer.
Utt-key. Like a golf putt.
Drop the P and add a key.


do we get one of you or both of you?

Hey we are not for sale! OK, yes we are. 
For the most part, we always photograph together. In certain special, unique situations, we will separate for the day and cover two events. Non-Saturdays have the option of hirings just one of us too.


do you work with videographers?

You bet, all sorts! Important note: make sure you understand our approach to the wedding, and that the videographer you choose shoots in a similar fashion and has the same goal: To be as unobtrusive as possible and to let the day flow naturally.


Do you have insurance?

Yes. Our business and gear are all insured by American Family. There's a "rumor" TJ's hair is insured for $1M too.


What if it rains?

Oh, but what if it rains!
We encourage embracing anything that comes our way (including but not limited to weather). Inclement weather is beautiful and unique in photos. If it is cold enough, rainy enough, windy enough that it would make for a shitty time, we will reschedule engagement sessions. Obviously, we can't reschedule a wedding day because of weather. We scout locations the week of your wedding that will be best with the forecasted weather.


Can I give you a list of photos i want?

The only list we ask for is your family list. We prefer not to get another list. We'll get all the details, your dress, your partner, etc. The best work comes when we can fully observe your day and are not buried in lists of what to do.


what if my dress gets dirty?

This actually shouldn't be a "what if" question. 
I hate to break this to you, but your dress is (likely) white and we'll be outside. Even indoors, your dress will pick up dust. Your dress is going to get dirty. There's no way around it. 

Your dress was very expensive. We know. But this is also THE day for it to live. You're not going to wear it again! Have fun in it!

If you're worried about your dress getting dirty, we might not be the photographers for you.


What do your collections include?

All of our Collections include timeline planning assistance, A+ communication throughout the process, photography coverage, a private online viewing gallery with rights to print, and free high-resolution and web-sized downloads within that gallery.

Additional items include engagement session, albums. Got a request? We've got solutions.


what's next?

If you're interested in setting up a meeting, fill out our inquiry form! We'd love to talk and make sure we're the photographers for you. 

TJ does our initial meetings in-person or via Facetime depending on where you are in the world, Carmen Sandiego.