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Stacy & Max | An Intimate Backyard Wedding

Stacy & Max are married!

In late March, the world stopped. Covid-19 made stores close and workers in just about every industry went home. Restaurants went to pick-up only. Weddings were postponed or cancelled.

I imagine Stacy & Max’s conversation went like this:
Max: I love you.
Stacy: I know.
Max: Should we just get married in your parents backyard?
Stacy: Hell yeah.

So, on their original wedding date of May 23, 2020, Stacy & Max held a 9-person (I made 10) ceremony in the backyard. Both of their parents were there and they each had a best gal. It was intimate and so so special!

On the way out, a train of family & friends paraded by to cheers them from afar.

Although their wedding day didn’t look like they originally planned, they made the best out of the situation. I have to admit, I personally loved it a whole lot! Stacy & Max will be having a bigger celebration later this summer and are so looking forward to celebrating with guests.

In the meantime…

Congratulations Stacy & Max!