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Murray | The First Few Weeks

Welcome to the world Murray Richard!

Murray is the first born to his parents Katie & Spencer. He’s been getting tons of attention being the first grandchild on both sides too! While we were at Katie & Spencers home, Katie’s mom, Jill was also there.

Jill filled us in on how Katie & Spencer were born in the same hospital, just days apart. As Newborn Katie was leaving the maternity ward, Spencers very pregnant mother was entering. Katie & Spencer ended up going to the same preschool and met again later in life where their dystiny couldn’t be masked any more.

Could it be – that Katie & Spencer passed the love of Murray’s life as they left the hospital just three weeks ago? Time will tell! We sure do hope to continue capturing this beautiful little family as they grow together!

Until you grace our blog to see Murray’s wedding photos (jk), get a load of this little handsome guys in-home photo session…