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Martha & Joel | A Fall (& Winter) Engagement at Grant Park

Martha & Joel are engaged!

These two met on a blind date, organized through a mutual friend. They were, of course, both apprehensive about going. However, they met at Balzac a drink and had a wonderful time together. The date lasted hours and they both left thinking they couldn’t wait for a second date.

Before the second date, Joel watched a TedTalk about dating (or communicating) and the date … didn’t go so well. It’s a good thing Martha was already crushin’ on him.

Today, two years later, they have an adorable dog named Hobbes and are planning their August of 2020 wedding. Because they were engaged in the fall, we aimed for their engagement photos to represent this colorful season.

Wisconsin + Mother Nature = Uncertainty. The day before their session, we got our first snowfall of the year. It accumulated five to six inches and took a lot of the colorful leaves down. We scored a pocket near the lake that seemed to preserve both Autumn and Winter nicely – at least for a few days.

Until August, feast your eyeballs on these two love birds…