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Lauren & Steven | An Engagement in Shorewood

Remember “pokes” on Facebook? We sure do! So do Lauren & Steve. Since these two knew of each other in high school, they didn’t act on their crushes until their college years. Lauren poked Steve on FB and asked if he wanted to hang sometime. The rest is history.

For their engagement session, we had the honor of meeting their 10-year old cat, Gary. Gary wasn’t too thrilled to be in front of the camera 🙂

When we walked into Draft & Vessel, the Cheers theme song quietly played. “Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name
And they’re always glad you came
You want to be where you can see”

For real, the bartender rolled out the red carpet for these two! He even went to the basement for some special occasion glasses. This session was really off to a great start. It didn’t end there! After some drinks, we headed to Atwater Park, then back to downtown Shorewood.

Lauren & Steve are getting married at the Pfister in September of 2020. Until then…