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Lauren & Craig | A Wedding at Camp Wandawega

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Lauren & Craig are married!

Folks, buckle up. You’re in for a ride.

After meeting Lauren & Craig, we wondered if we found more of “our people”. People who get it, people we love. Lauren & Craig live in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania so we’ve been brainstorming of ways to keep them in our life. It’s a good thing their wedding at Camp Wandawega was right around the corner.

Their wedding confirmed that – yes – these are some of our people. Lauren & Craig will be our penpals whether they (or the USPS) like it or not. Their day at Camp Wandawega was so perfect and so fun. Not one detail was spared. When Lauren & mastermind Danielle of Rosewood came together, they really made magic happen. Not to mention, Wandawega is a real special place. Can confirm: TJ and I immediately started ripping apart our basement (with the help of very heavy rain) to resemble a rec room at Camp Wandawega.

While we don’t have to argue that their entire day was perfect, Lauren & Craig said the ceremony was their favorite part.

The ceremony! Despite 130 people watching, it felt surprisingly intimate. Our friend officiated, reciting a script that was uniquely ours, while ensuring our guests felt included and celebrated, as well. It was stirring, fun, and inspiring.

Editors Note: Wait until you see the dance party though.

Lauren & Craig’s biggest surprise on the day is also some great advice. They said they both couldn’t sleep, so Craig snuck into the house where Lauren & her family were staying. “Rather than hiding from him until our first look, we began our wedding day naturally: together.” We will be sure to tell Lauren & Craig how much we love this in our next penpal letter to them. #whereisTunkhannock

It’s our favorite wedding of the year! Congratulations Lauren & Craig!

All the sweet details:

Photographers: TJ & Shannon of Uttke Photography

Wedding Planner: Danielle Horvatin of Rosewood Intimate Weddings (@rosewoodwed)

Videographer: Gione da Silva (@gione.silva)

Lauren’s gown: Ultimate Bride Chicago (@ultimatebridechicago) | Mira Zwillinger (@mirazwillinger)

Veil: Sara Gabriel (@saragabrieldesigns)

Craig’s Suit: Alton Lane (@altonlane)

Makeup Artist: Paige Wallace (@paigewallmakeup)

Floral: Sunborn Gardens (@sunborngardens)

Paper Goods: Tate Design Co. (@tatedesign_co)

Band: Bluewater Kings Band (@bluewaterkingsband)

Catering: Celebration on Wells (@celebrationonwells)

Cake: Julie Michelle Cakes (@juliemichellecakes)

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