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Hanna & Stephen | A Winter Wedding at the Carriage House on Lac La Belle

Hanna & Stephen are married

Very much like ourselves, Hanna & Stephen thrive under pressure. And just like us, when it came time to finally get married, they planned their wedding in four short months! And while our wedding days looked wildly different (Las Vegas vs. the Carriage House in winter), the same message applied. Why wait when it comes to marrying your best friend?

Hanna’s advice to future couples is: Enjoy the process (even if it’s 4 months or 3 yrs)! If you want your day a certain way, make the decision and move on to the next 500,000 decisions you have yet to make.

One of their favorite parts of their wedding day was “having all the people we love so much together in one place to celebrate the best day EVER!”

Another one was their Flower Grannies! We have to admit, it’s one of our favorites too. So adorable!

Congratulations Hanna & Stephen!

All the sweet details…

Photographers: TJ & Shannon of Uttke Photography

Wedding Planner: Lindsey Lauterbach, Kim Hottinger, Teresa Altreuter

Dress Boutique: Vera’s House of Bridals

Suit: Generation Tux

Makeup: Jenna Hayes

Hair: Tara Olin (bridal) Nora Millies, Amy Liliencamp

Floral: Main St. Blooms & Boutique

Music: Bob Fuchs

Catering: Carriage House Catering

Dessert: Cake & Bake