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This is where you'll find our personal ethics that help guide us when making decisions, building relationships and solving problems. We put it out there because it's important people know who we are.

quality time


We believe you should enjoy spending time with your photographers. They are with you in some of your most intimate and special moments! 

love is love.


We believe love is love. No matter what it looks like. No matter its form. 

building your own traditions


We believe in outdoor ceremonies and writing your own vows. We believe in no Grand March or cake cutting. We believe in a latin inspired buffet dinner vs the standard wedding meal. Do things your own way. Give Pinterest a little rest. 

Honesty and accountablity


We strive to always be honest with people in our lives. Offering advice when asked, being honest about timeline and hours - even outside of the wedding world. We strive to be totally honest, and hope to not hurt feelings along the way.

Letting our freak flags fly


We believe in being a little weird. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither should you. Your imperfections and uniquness makes you perfectly you!