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Steph & Andy are engaged! When we met Steph & Andy at their cute home, we were greeted by their big Golden Doodle, Louie. We had beers on their front lawn before wandering the mean streets of Bay View. Back in winter, when we started talking to Steph & Andy about their engagement session, they […]

Lauren & Troy are engaged! Paired up by mutual friends, Lauren & Troy met at a concert at The Rave in November of 2014. You know, at a concert, it’s a little hard to talk to someone but, after the show, their group of friends went to The Harp. Of course, they hit it off […]

Katey & Chris are engaged! When you go out on a limb to set two friends up, you’re really going out on a limb. What if it doesn’t work out? What if they hate each other? What if they it jeopardizes your own friendship?! Katey & Chris’s mutual friend knew something special was there. They […]

Kelly & Brent are engaged! We met Kelly in 2014 when we photographed her sister, Jens, wedding in Madison. It took a few years, but we eventually ran into her again… and again… and again at weddings we were photographing. Kelly & Brent seem to be everywhere and they know everyone. They are that couple. […]

Stacy & Max are married! In late March, the world stopped. Covid-19 made stores close and workers in just about every industry went home. Restaurants went to pick-up only. Weddings were postponed or cancelled. I imagine Stacy & Max’s conversation went like this:Max: I love you.Stacy: I know.Max: Should we just get married in your […]

Lauren & Ben are engaged! It was fitting to meet up with Lauren & Ben for their engagement session this past week. They got engaged a year ago on New Years Day and seem to … tolerate the cold well! On New Years Day, 2019, Lauren asked Ben to go for a walk with him […]

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Jillian & Rick are married! Their Third Ward winter wedding at Cuvee kicked off another season of us photographing weddings. There isn’t an better couple to be described as easy-going. Since day one, Jillian & Rick have had a clear view of what they wanted their wedding day to be like. They wanted it to […]

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And just like that… the wildest year of our lives comes to a close. 2019 started out as what we would consider a “normal” year. It would be the 13th year that TJ photographed weddings and the 8th for Shannon. We photographed 137 sessions that included 31 weddings! 2019 was anything but normal though. Early […]

Taylor & Nathan are married! We could say so many great things about Taylor & Nathan that we’d get them hired for their next jobs. Seriously, we could go on-and-on. These two are kind, funny, understanding. They’re go-with-the-flow and were so happy to be marrying each other. Instead of having a traditional wedding party, Taylor […]

Meet Drayton! A little over 6 years ago we became friends with Keeley and Graham during their wedding planning process. They were relatively new to Milwaukee and still trying to establish some roots in their new city. Well, consider some roots fully established as they welcomed their first child, Drayton Dylan! Drayton was born last […]


Alice & Jeff are married! For months, a mutual friend tried setting Alice & Jeff up on a date. You know, it’s kinda weird when that happens. There’s so many ‘what if’s’. What if you don’t click? What if your mutual friend takes it personally? What if they’re the one? After a concert at the […]

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Rachel & Bobby are married! These two met, as what we like to call it, the old-fashioned way. In a bar! Rachel mentioned that Bobby caught her eye across the bar because she thinks he looks like Ben Affleck… what do you think? They went their separate ways. Wait, what? These two fall madly in […]

Carrie & Mike are married! During Carrie & Mike’s initial meetings, we talked about how historically great the first week of November is. The fall foliage is peaking and the weather has generally been pretty mild! Near the middle of October though, we realized, this fall is different. It’s okay though. Carrie & Mike are […]

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Martha & Joel are engaged! These two met on a blind date, organized through a mutual friend. They were, of course, both apprehensive about going. However, they met at Balzac a drink and had a wonderful time together. The date lasted hours and they both left thinking they couldn’t wait for a second date. Before […]

Emily & Kristen are married! When Emily & Kristen started dating in 2011, same-sex marriage wasn’t allowed. Doesn’t that just seem so silly? They started dating thinking they wouldn’t get to marry this person they love so much. On the day it was legalized, Emily remembers working and Kristen remembers shopping at Fleet Farm with […]