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A few years ago, Rachel & Colin were married in Mexico! They recently bought a new home and wanted some new images to hang on their walls, while not wearing wedding attire. We met at their home and they introduced us to their sweet dogs, Wilson & Penny! Their backyard is a little oasis in […]

Rebecca & Phil are married! It feels like we met Rebecca & Phil five years ago. In retrospect, it was November of 2018. Since then, they got a dog, they bought a home together. We had a baby. The world is fighting it’s way through a global pandemic. Rebecca & Phil held onto their original […]

villa filomena

Britani & Adam are engaged! High school sweetheart alert! Yep yep. Britani & Adam met in spanish class. She was a junior and he was a sophomore. Muy caliente! Get this: their first date was Homecoming! We’re demanding pictures to prove it. They got engaged in the rain at Lions Den Gorge. We don’t have […]

walker's point engagement

Aliza & David are married! When the pandemic hit, Aliza & David decided to postpone their big wedding day until 2021. However, they also decided to throw a “mini party” in David’s parents backyard. With their wedding party and immediate family members in attendance, Aliza & David officially sealed-the-deal! They had to make a lot […]

Misa & Joe are engaged! How does a bad date turn into the rest of your life? Misa & Joe. That’s how. Their story may be one of our favorites. Here goes… Misa & Joe knew each other from work! They’re both in education and work at the same school. Joe (obviously) always thought Misa […]

bay view engagement

Heather & Josh are married! On a hot day in July, Heather & Josh were finally married. Their original date of May 16, 2020 had to be postponed. However, when they were able to get in with the venue in July, they hopped on the opportunity. Josh is a dentist and Heather just finished her […]

rapid creek cidery

Welcome to the world Madelyn! Usually, for newborns, we love to photograph them within the first week or two of being Earthside. After we welcome our daughter Rosie into our lives, we realized just how important photographs are of your little ones! They change so fast! Sometimes unrecognizable week-by-week. Madelyn was welcomed into the world […]

Samantha & Zach are engaged! In 2012, Samantha & Zach could have possibly greeted you at a residence hall on Marquette University campus. They both worked front desk reception and became friends in the process. About 6-months later, they were at a Minnesota casino where they made things “official”. They currently live in San Jose, […]

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Julia & Chase are engaged! We met with Julia & Chase in September of 2019. They were planning their wedding within a year and excited to get things going! We planned to do their engagement session in early spring, right in time for their July wedding. Well, as we all know, plans change. Not just […]

Kristen & Brian are engaged! When these two met, the last thing they thought when locking eyes was “this is my person”. It actually took them awhile to get there but the journey is perfect and it leads right here. Kristen & Brian met when Brian was hosting a meeting at Kristens workplace. She was […]

milwaukee engagement session

Shelley & Kevin are married! Listen. These two have been together for ten years. When they got engaged during the global pandemic, they did not want to wait any longer. So, they planned their small wedding for June 26. At the time, they said “the stay-at-home order might-kinda-sorta-maybe still be in place?” but they were […]

wisconsin historical society

Shelley & Kevin are engaged! It always seems like couples have a lot of questions about engagement sessions. We get it – really. Things can be awkward and forced. But, that’s exactly why we love them! One big question is, “when should we do them?” For couples who have a long engagement, we recommend waiting […]

madison campus

Maggie & Ric are engaged! Before Maggie & Ric left Madison, they text us asking about the rain. Looking at my radar app, I said “yeah! Let’s do it!” Their session had already been pushed back due to covid. You know, go figure, a half-hour before their session, a big ol’ summer storm popped up. […]

Allison & Tradd are engaged! This is another “set-up” success story! Tradd’s sister-in-law is also Allisons roommate from physical therapy school. These two met and had their first date at Six Flags Great America. They got stuck on TWO rides and have never returned. However, their relationship has had zero turbulence. (Tradd is a pilot. […]

Abby & Marshall are engaged! When Abby & Marshall met at the University of Iowa, it involved Hawkeye football, Abby’s brother, official campus visits and maybe a bar. They’ve been together a while and don’t really remember when their first date was or where. Their relationship just … happened. After their engagement over the winter, […]