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Maggie & Ric are engaged! Before Maggie & Ric left Madison, they text us asking about the rain. Looking at my radar app, I said “yeah! Let’s do it!” Their session had already been pushed back due to covid. You know, go figure, a half-hour before their session, a big ol’ summer storm popped up. […]

Allison & Tradd are engaged! This is another “set-up” success story! Tradd’s sister-in-law is also Allisons roommate from physical therapy school. These two met and had their first date at Six Flags Great America. They got stuck on TWO rides and have never returned. However, their relationship has had zero turbulence. (Tradd is a pilot. […]

Abby & Marshall are engaged! When Abby & Marshall met at the University of Iowa, it involved Hawkeye football, Abby’s brother, official campus visits and maybe a bar. They’ve been together a while and don’t really remember when their first date was or where. Their relationship just … happened. After their engagement over the winter, […]

Emily & Will are engaged! A match.com success story! Emily & Will connected on the app and quickly moved to texting for a solid two-weeks. They finally met in person for their first date at Art Bar. They were engaged a few years later in the exact same spot. Their August of 2020 wedding is […]

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Maria & Kirk are engaged! Friday nights are dedicated to Maverick, Maria & Kirks dog. On a particular August Friday evening in 2019, Kirk suggested taking Mav to the Marquette University campus – Mav’s favorite hide-n-seek spot. After a few rounds, Maria was hiding behind some flower beds. When Maverick found her, he had on […]

Emily & Ray are engaged! Here’s a little background: Emily is a lead planner for Events to a T and Ray is Lead DJ for Sound by Design. A few years ago, they found themselves working a wedding together at the Milwaukee Art Museum. They knew each other prior but suddenly were finding any excuse […]

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Taylor & Taylor are engaged! You know the old love story: Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love. They get married and live happily ever after. And then Tinder entered the world. A few years ago, Taylor & Taylor exchanged some cute messages regarding having the same name. It fizzled out for a while but […]


Welcome to the world Cameron Christopher! Cameron surprised mom & dad, Rachael & Pete, arriving seven days ahead of his due date. He came weighing in at 7lbs, 7oz, 21 inches and a very full head of hair. He’s the perfect shining light in the middle of a weird time. Without further ado, enjoy some […]

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Kait & Randy are married! At the end of June 2018, Kait & Randy popped into our inbox. Doesn’t that seem like a lifetime ago? I mean, in some way it has been. Their venue, the Ivy House, wasn’t even complete yet. Shannon went through a full-term pregnancy and we now have a 6-month old. […]

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Steph & Andy are engaged! When we met Steph & Andy at their cute home, we were greeted by their big Golden Doodle, Louie. We had beers on their front lawn before wandering the mean streets of Bay View. Back in winter, when we started talking to Steph & Andy about their engagement session, they […]

Lauren & Troy are engaged! Paired up by mutual friends, Lauren & Troy met at a concert at The Rave in November of 2014. You know, at a concert, it’s a little hard to talk to someone but, after the show, their group of friends went to The Harp. Of course, they hit it off […]

Katey & Chris are engaged! When you go out on a limb to set two friends up, you’re really going out on a limb. What if it doesn’t work out? What if they hate each other? What if they it jeopardizes your own friendship?! Katey & Chris’s mutual friend knew something special was there. They […]

Kelly & Brent are engaged! We met Kelly in 2014 when we photographed her sister, Jens, wedding in Madison. It took a few years, but we eventually ran into her again… and again… and again at weddings we were photographing. Kelly & Brent seem to be everywhere and they know everyone. They are that couple. […]

Stacy & Max are married! In late March, the world stopped. Covid-19 made stores close and workers in just about every industry went home. Restaurants went to pick-up only. Weddings were postponed or cancelled. I imagine Stacy & Max’s conversation went like this:Max: I love you.Stacy: I know.Max: Should we just get married in your […]

Lauren & Ben are engaged! It was fitting to meet up with Lauren & Ben for their engagement session this past week. They got engaged a year ago on New Years Day and seem to … tolerate the cold well! On New Years Day, 2019, Lauren asked Ben to go for a walk with him […]

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