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Beth & Larry are married! Their wedding in late September was one we looked forward to all year. Beth & Larry are straight up awesome people. They don’t take themselves seriously, they had a ton of fun on the day and we were just feeling super lucky to be around them! Beth & Larry’s day […]

Bela & Alex are engaged! Isabela is from Houston, Texas. Marfa is always a place that has interested the couple. During our initial meeting, they turned to us and said, “Would you be interested in going to Marfa?” Having not knowing anything about Marfa besides watching the Anthony Bourdain – West Texas episode, we said…. […]

Rebecca & Sal are married! Out of 150 guests at Rebecca & Sal’s wedding, there was one guest there from Milwaukee. If that doesn’t tell you about the kind of people Rebecca & Sal are, we don’t know what will. Their wedding at The Atrium in Shorewood was full of love. Although both sides were […]

Miranda & Sean are married! Transfer orientation at UW-Milwaukee was the first of many “dates” Miranda & Sean would go on. This was their first time really talking and it lead to an official date at Lake Park Bistro in November of 2010. Throughout the years, they’ve traveled and moved together. Currently, they reside in […]

Remember “pokes” on Facebook? We sure do! So do Lauren & Steve. Since these two knew of each other in high school, they didn’t act on their crushes until their college years. Lauren poked Steve on FB and asked if he wanted to hang sometime. The rest is history. For their engagement session, we had […]

Marisa & Casey are married! Our trek to Chicago on Labor Day weekend was smooth as butter. We didn’t realize it at the time but our time in the Windy City would be the same! Marisa & Casey’s wedding went off without a hitch. Big thanks to Meredith of Blue Fancy Events. Marisa & Casey […]

Marit & Nial are married! Somehow, a blurry night at Garage on Brady Street turned into an adorable proposal in Florence, Italy. When they booked their trip to Italy, Marit knew a proposal was in the books. Not only had they joked about it for months, they also went ring shopping together. The original plan […]

Laura & David are engaged! In August of 2015, Laura & David both swiped right. When they set up their first date, Laura picked a super public spot in Milwaukee as to not get murdered. Their walk along McKinley Marina on Lake Michigan turned out to be successful but it was a Sunday. A Sunday […]

Margaret & Aaron are engaged! In 2011, Margaret & Aaron met while studying abroad in Antwerp, Belgium. They became friends during their stay abroad and even so when they came home. After a few years, they realized maybe there’s more here. They consider their first date to be Finks in August of 2016. They were […]

Welcome to the world, Kash Ryan! Last week, our friends Kim & Steven welcomed their first son into the world. Kash arrived a week late – making anxious mom & dad wait even longer! Shortly after, they welcomed TJ into their beautifully renovated home for an in-home session. Shannon was at home sick, crying for […]

Stephanie & Chris are married and what a day at JanSerr it was! Setting: a summer tennis court in high school. Stephanie decided last minute that she wanted to play in a mixed doubles tournament… and she wanted Chris to be her partner. However, Chris had already signed up to play with someone else. With […]

Cassie & Matt are married! When Cassie & Matt met at a wedding in seven years ago, they did not hit it off. Actually, Cassie went as far as saying she hated Matt! With some help from their friends and family, they gave it another shot. Their first official date was hopping around from coffee […]

In 2011, Aliza & David went to the Olive Garden. They may or may not have had their mom’s take them since they were only freshmen in high school! The date went well enough that they went to a movie shortly after. Although Aliza gave David several opportunities to hold her hand, he didn’t go […]

Taylor & Rob are married! Before we get into their wedding photos, we just want to warn you about what’s in store. Taylor & Rob are cool. Okay, like 100% cooler than us. Their wedding day reflected their personalities. As photographers, we can’t ask for anything else. Taylor even said to future couples, “don’t get […]

Ann & Jake are married! Let us just start this by saying, Ann & Jake are both super super cool. Photographing these two was easy as pie. This was one of our favorite days but who cares about us? Ann & Jake said this too! They said their favorite part of the day was… “the […]