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Meghan & Bo are married! Since we started a family, TJ has been doing our initial meetings with couples by himself. There are pros and cons to this but it mostly comes down to this: we don’t have to find a babysitter but I (Shannon) miss out on meeting our couples for the first time. […]

fall ivy house wedding

Kelly & Jeff are married! When I look at images of the Grain Exchange from when it was actually a place to EXCHANGE GRAIN… I’m talking late 1800’s, you guys, I’m simply astonished. This building is iconic for Milwaukee and it somehow just gets prettier and prettier. The building was designed by Edward Townsend Mix, […]

Gabrielle & Talon are married! When autumn hits southeastern Wisconsin, it’s a wildcard of how it’ll hit the region. Sometimes we get the picture-perfect yellow-lined streets. And sometimes, frost arrives early and we get brown trees with a very big mess. It can change at the drop of a hat (or rather, drop of the […]

Ally & Kyle are married! On the morning of their wedding day, Ally & Kyle (in their terms) “snuck out” of the hotel to get coffee together. They said they felt like teenagers escaping family and friends. But, they started the day together! They had time to share how excited they were and had a […]


Hannah & Adam are officially, officially married. Believe it or not, Hannah & Adam planned their wedding three times. In 2020, the world shut down just one week before their planned wedding day. They made the very hard decision to postpone their day. They decided to pick up the pieces and replan their day for […]

driftless millwork

We’re back with the Tack family! And they’re back in a new house! Well – new for them? Kind of? Lindsey’s grandmother used to live in this home and she has many childhood memories growing up here. Now this beautiful family is bringing new energy back into the house. For their autumn family session, Beau […]

Welcome to the world Ruby James! For Ruby’s newborn session, (as a healthy, vaccinated person) Steph & Andy welcomed me into their adorable Bay View home. At the time of these photos, Ruby was 8-days old and already has mom and dad wrapped around her little fingers. Big brother, Louie, was there for all the […]

Jordan & Michael are married again! So much of 2020 and 2021 has been unknown, right? It’s like we’re all flying by the seat of our pants (what a weird saying), figuring all this out as we go. In the wedding industry, every couple is doing things a little differently and we love that so […]

It’s hard (for me) to believe that Merry & Sam got married five years ago! As we walked through the park, they updated me on their life since their big day in Sheboygan. They moved, they bought a Jeep from TJ, Merry left a teaching position to pursue a dream career, Sam flew a lot […]

Welcome to the world, Jack Byron! Dani & Mike got married in December of 2018. Since then, they got a dog, Gus, went through a pandemic, bought a new house and welcomed their first son, Jack Byron into the world! Seeing our clients go through all of lifes best moments is such a joy. Sweet […]

Welcome to the world, Adrian! Although Adrian’s parents, Amanda & Loren, have lived in so many places all over the world, this little boy was born right here in Milwaukee. As a matter of fact, he lives right down the road from us! I should have walked to their session but… (trails off trying to […]

Katie & Matty are married! The Milwaukee Art Museum is as iconic as it is beautiful. Every weekend, Milwaukee’s lakefront is crowded with people and every one of them is trying to get a glimpse at the event going on inside. It makes you feel special just being around the building. If you’re lucky enough […]

milwaukee art museum wedding

Alissa & Jamie are married! … finally married! Last year, Alissa & Jamie postponed their September wedding due to Covid. Instead of opting for a small ceremony or elopement, they waited to celebrate with all their friends and family. The wait was worth it! The weather in Milwaukee was absolutely perfect. The Pilot Room at […]

discovery pilot room

As if wedding planning isn’t hard enough, let’s throw a pandemic in the mix to really complicate things. Couples are hoping to have a day that’s as “normal” as possible. In the state of Wisconsin (as of September 2021) 3.3M people are currently fully vaccinated (which equals 56%). If you’re considering an all-vaccinated event, you’re […]

northwoods crandon wedding

Jessica & Kyle are engaged! Jessica & Kyle are our first couple to have met during lockdown! Likely our first of many. Jessica & Kyle matched on two dating apps and decided to head on a date, via zoom! They said they chatted for a few hours before logging off. Obviously, these two have to […]

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