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Paige & Brian are engaged! When their original wedding date in 2021 got postponed, Paige & Brian took the plunge and bought a beautiful home in Shorewood. It’s full of the pitter-patter of eight dog paws and Paige & Brian who kinda-sorta work from home. When we got to their house, Mia and Ellie, were […]

Bekah & Derek are married! A bumble love story! Bekah & Derek met in Maryland but jobs relocated them to Milwaukee. Because of this, 99% of their wedding guests were from out of town. They said their favorite part of the day was enjoying their time with family, friends, and each other! Danielle of Rosewood […]

Katie & Austin are married! When Katie & Austin met, they were both randomly at The Garage on Brady Street. Austin asked if Katie was single, got her number, and called the next day. “It was too good to be true”, said Katie. Regardless, she agreed to a date at Cafe Corazon in Riverwest. The […]

Hanna & Stephen are married Very much like ourselves, Hanna & Stephen thrive under pressure. And just like us, when it came time to finally get married, they planned their wedding in four short months! And while our wedding days looked wildly different (Las Vegas vs. the Carriage House in winter), the same message applied. […]

Hope & Dean are engaged! What happens when there’s an operating room trauma? Two anesthesiologists fall in love. Of course. Over time and (maybe planned) chances of working together, Hope & Dean found themselves drawn to each other. They had their first not-on-the-clock date at Maxfield’s Pancake House. Getting an engagement session scheduled for two […]

winter third ward engagement

Nicole & Joe are married! New Years Eve is something special and … just another day all at the same time. There are tons going on and it’s always a battle with “what to do on New Years”. But when you’re invited to a wedding, it’s the. Best. There has been a party planned for […]

Ellie & Johnny are married! There is so much beauty in the winter season. The crisp air, the snow covered trees, those snowfalls with slow moving, big snowflakes (you know what I’m talking about). But happens when the snow hasn’t dropped yet? The air is just … crisp! Thankfully, for Ellie & Johnnys late December […]

Lauren & Troy are married! Weather advisories blinked on our phones the morning of Lauren & Troy’s wedding. “Snow?”, we thought. It turns out wind – lots and lots of wind – were in the forecast for their December day. Go figure. Although the temperature was seasonably warm, the wind threw in a bitter bite. […]

Meghan & Bo are married! Since we started a family, TJ has been doing our initial meetings with couples by himself. There are pros and cons to this but it mostly comes down to this: we don’t have to find a babysitter but I (Shannon) miss out on meeting our couples for the first time. […]

fall ivy house wedding

Kelly & Jeff are married! When I look at images of the Grain Exchange from when it was actually a place to EXCHANGE GRAIN… I’m talking late 1800’s, you guys, I’m simply astonished. This building is iconic for Milwaukee and it somehow just gets prettier and prettier. The building was designed by Edward Townsend Mix, […]

Gabrielle & Talon are married! When autumn hits southeastern Wisconsin, it’s a wildcard of how it’ll hit the region. Sometimes we get the picture-perfect yellow-lined streets. And sometimes, frost arrives early and we get brown trees with a very big mess. It can change at the drop of a hat (or rather, drop of the […]

Ally & Kyle are married! On the morning of their wedding day, Ally & Kyle (in their terms) “snuck out” of the hotel to get coffee together. They said they felt like teenagers escaping family and friends. But, they started the day together! They had time to share how excited they were and had a […]


Hannah & Adam are officially, officially married. Believe it or not, Hannah & Adam planned their wedding three times. In 2020, the world shut down just one week before their planned wedding day. They made the very hard decision to postpone their day. They decided to pick up the pieces and replan their day for […]

driftless millwork

We’re back with the Tack family! And they’re back in a new house! Well – new for them? Kind of? Lindsey’s grandmother used to live in this home and she has many childhood memories growing up here. Now this beautiful family is bringing new energy back into the house. For their autumn family session, Beau […]

Welcome to the world Ruby James! For Ruby’s newborn session, (as a healthy, vaccinated person) Steph & Andy welcomed me into their adorable Bay View home. At the time of these photos, Ruby was 8-days old and already has mom and dad wrapped around her little fingers. Big brother, Louie, was there for all the […]