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Isabela & Alex | A Marfa, Texas Engagement Session

Bela & Alex are engaged!

Isabela is from Houston, Texas. Marfa is always a place that has interested the couple. During our initial meeting, they turned to us and said, “Would you be interested in going to Marfa?” Having not knowing anything about Marfa besides watching the Anthony Bourdain – West Texas episode, we said…. YEP!

And so, TJ met up with Bela & Alex in Marfa. They flew into Austin and drove the 7-hours to the west Texas art town. This town is slightly mysterious, full of charm, art and in-the-middle of nowhere. However, somehow, it’s full of unique people from all walks of life.

Marfa is quite different than the Marquette dorm they met at in 2012. But, all of this writes the adventure of Isabela & Alex.

You’ll be seeing these two again soon, when they seal-the-deal in May of 2020. Until then…