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Katie & Matty | A Late Summer Wedding at the Milwaukee Art Museum

Katie & Matty are married!

The Milwaukee Art Museum is as iconic as it is beautiful. Every weekend, Milwaukee’s lakefront is crowded with people and every one of them is trying to get a glimpse at the event going on inside. It makes you feel special just being around the building. If you’re lucky enough to have your wedding there, you kinda feel like royalty.

We hope Katie & Matty felt like royalty on their wedding day because they deserve it. Not only are these two so good together, but they are also so good to the people surrounding them.

Since Katie & Matty didn’t have a wedding party (basically they have so many friends that everyone invited was their wedding party), we were able to take some extra time for portraits! The time away was relaxing and pretty awesome to do before the big ceremony. Katie said, “Schedule some 1:1 time into your wedding day to enjoy each other’s company and maybe make out a little bit?” Yeah – make out!

As much as we loved the portrait time, Katie & Matty said their favorite part of the day was, “… right after the ceremony when it was just the two of us looking down on cocktail hour from the upstairs conference room. The relief with the ceremony going so smoothly and having the whole party ahead of us was such a good feeling.”

We can’t help but share their advice to future couples:

Try not to get too wrapped up in the details. Like, it’s not life or death. It’s just a wedding. Relax and try to roll with the punches. 

Get rid of any expectations of pleasing everyone. Do whatever the F you want, unapologetically. 

Be more like Katie & Matty!


All the little details

Photographers: TJ & Shannon of Uttke Photography

Katie’s Dress: White Dress Bridal | Hailey Paige

Matty’s Suit: NL Suits

Hairstylist: Nicole Christine Styling

Floral: Jane Kelly Floral

Music: Bluewater Kings

Catering: Milwaukee Art Museum

Desserts: The Cake Lady