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Gabrielle & Talon | A Wauwatosa Fall Engagement Session

Gabrielle & Talon are engaged!

Although they met in middle school, Gabrielle & Talon really became friends in high school when they went to Germany on an exchange program. Talon developed a … verliebtheit. 🙂

After high school, they both attended UW-Madison and were dates to a couple of weddings. In 2017, Talon was fed up with the complicated more-than-friend zone back decided to spill his guts to Gabrielle. All in the mix of opening up, Talon convinced Gabrielle to fly to Boston to be his date to a wedding! To sum this up… they started dating a few days later.

They are getting married next October at The Factory on Barclay. Until you see them on our blog again, here they are with their very good boy Bulleit!