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Ally & Kyle | An Engagement at Discovery Park in Seattle

Ally & Kyle are engaged!

TJ recently flew out to photograph Ally & Kyle in their Seattle neighborhood and Discovery Park! Well, their current neighborhood – these two have also lived in Milwaukee and North Carolina.

Seattle is proving to be a special place in their hearts, if only for their engagement story. Check this out:

Kyle’s original plan was crushed when they had to cancel a Maui vacation due to covid. Kyle kept his eyes on the prize, hid the ring for 5-months, and waited out Seattle’s lockdown restrictions. His “Plan B” sounds what dreams are made of. Or at least with Free Willy 2 is made of. They booked a long weekend to Orcas Island off the coast of Washington State as their first getaway of the year. Kyle proposed on the deck of their vacation home overlooking the Puget Sound and neighboring islands while their 6-year old dog, Miles, slept on the deck. After, they celebrated by shucking their own oysters and drinking champagne at the local oyster farm.

Like I said, a dream.

We’re thrilled to be photographing Ally & Kyle this coming October at Filament!