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Aliza & David | A Meadowbrook Country Club Wedding

Aliza & David are married – again!

Last year when so many plans were canceled, Aliza & David had a mini wedding day in the backyard. It was nothing less than perfect. In 2021, they still had their date at the Meadowbrook Country Club so they decided to throw an epic anniversary party.

Planning the same wedding twice is such a unique experience. Hopefully it’s not something we all have to go through again so we used this time to ask Aliza & David what it was like – planning their day twice.

We lived by the saying, “we’re already married so…” and it allowed us to do fun things we wouldn’t normally have done. Otherwise, it was way more fun, like planning a really sweet party. We stressed so much less about the small stuff.

Aliza & David’s advice to future couples is something that should live forever though. Not just for mini-weddings, not just for second wedding days… this is advice for always!

Do something crazy, because you want to. If you have even an idea of something to do and are worried about what people think, do it. It will end up being everyone’s favorite part.

Aliza & David, congratulations again!

All the sweet details

Photographers: TJ & Shannon of Uttke Photography 

Aliza’s Dress: BonBon Belle Boutique | Essence of Australia

Catering: Meadowbrook Country Club

Desserts: O&H Danish Bakery