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2020. Year in Review.

We say “2020 will be a year we will never forget.” It’s mostly true. Our brains are programmed to remember good memories and erase the bad. I believe this is why we don’t remember being born or how some women birth 12 children.

A friend recently told me that she was journaling about 2020 because she wanted to share what it was really like with her kids someday. She wrote down the panic we all felt in March when we couldn’t find toilet paper and how our world abruptly stopped. She wrote down what filled the time while we stayed-in-place. Puzzles, reading, going through old pictures. Facetiming with Mom and Dad. Finding creative ways to connect. The good and the bad.

This idea is on my list to do in 2021 because I’ve already begun to forget the bad. Which is okay with me really! We’ve had so many positives this year. We got to fully take in Rosie’s first year at home. We enjoyed our family bubble. We masked up and photographed 18 weddings – in some shape or form. We celebrated a lot of engagements! All of which we have journaled. Here. For all of you!

So, come enjoy some of the good that came out of 2020!