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Shelley & Kevin | A Madison Engagement Session on Campus

Shelley & Kevin are engaged!

It always seems like couples have a lot of questions about engagement sessions. We get it – really. Things can be awkward and forced. But, that’s exactly why we love them! One big question is, “when should we do them?” For couples who have a long engagement, we recommend waiting until you’re within a year of your wedding date. For shorter engagements, we say, “hey, do it whenever you want!” (okay, we say more than that).

Shelley & Kevin contacted us on April 27 for their wedding on June 26. We were all in the middle of quarantine but they were jazzed to plan their wedding and doing it in a short period of time was no biggie.

Okay, I’m getting to the point. Shelley & Kevin did their engagement session two days before their wedding day. TJ took himself up to Madison and got to hang out with them in their natural element.

Moral of the story: Do engagement photos and do them whenever you want.

Up next: Shelley & Kevin’s big (small) day!