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Misa & Joe | A Bay View Engagement Session

Misa & Joe are engaged!

How does a bad date turn into the rest of your life? Misa & Joe. That’s how. Their story may be one of our favorites. Here goes… Misa & Joe knew each other from work! They’re both in education and work at the same school. Joe (obviously) always thought Misa was a babe but given the professional relationship, never took things further.

During Brady Street Festival, Misa just so happened to be on a bad date. Joe and a few friends *by chance* came to the same bar. Joe could see that Misa was having a terrible time and text her. He said, meet me at the Garage. So… Misa noped out of her date!

Although the Garage was where sparks finally flew, they don’t consider that to be their first date. Their first date was a lakefront walk before Kopps for frozen custard. Misa then cooked her famous clam linguine. It’s been a dream ever since!

Misa & Joe are getting married in July 2021 at Discovery World. We’re thrilled to be a part of their day! Until then…