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Maggie & Ric | A Doctors Park Summer Engagement Session

Maggie & Ric are engaged!

Before Maggie & Ric left Madison, they text us asking about the rain. Looking at my radar app, I said “yeah! Let’s do it!” Their session had already been pushed back due to covid. You know, go figure, a half-hour before their session, a big ol’ summer storm popped up.

To begin engagement sessions, usually we chat, catch-up and slowly ease into things. But, with the rain approaching, we started photographing right away. We didn’t make it far. Maybe five-minutes in, the drizzle started.

Good news for Maggie & Ric, I packed a chilled bottle of rĂ³se for them! As the rain came down, they sat in their car and had a few glasses. Maybe it’s covid, maybe it’s the part of becoming a mom but drinking wine in a car while it’s raining sounds fun.

As soon as the rain stopped, it was on. These two have awesome chemistry and it was easy to photograph them – just being themselves! At the end of the session, they even hopped in the cold, cold lake.

Maggie & Ric are getting married next June at The Ivy House. Until you see them again on our blog get a load of these two…