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Kristen & Brian | A Milwaukee Engagement Session

Kristen & Brian are engaged!

When these two met, the last thing they thought when locking eyes was “this is my person”. It actually took them awhile to get there but the journey is perfect and it leads right here.

Kristen & Brian met when Brian was hosting a meeting at Kristens workplace. She was late and it was the middle of winter. When she finally barged into the room, I imagine it looked like a cartoon with snow blowing in behind her, winter coat flying and boots stomping. Brian was a bit annoyed at the delay but the meeting went on as soon as Kristen arrived.

A while later they stumbled upon each others profiles on the Chicago dating apps. Brian pretended to not know Kristen but, absolutely totally remembered. When Kristen read his profile, he said “nope – he doesn’t like little white dogs”.

Well, we all know how this ends. They ran into each other at a party, talked the night away and here we are. These two are getting married in Kristen’s childhood backyard in Bettendorf, Iowa this coming September. We can’t wait.

PS – Brian loves Kristens one-eyed, adorable pup, Sam. I mean, what’s not to love.