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Hannah & Adam | A Summertime Engagement in Oconomowoc

Hannah & Adam are engaged!

The classic college story! Hannah & Adam met at a social party in Ames, Iowa while at school. Adam was wearing a “Walk the Moon” t-shirt so the two of them hit it off, talking about music the whole time. Party ended, the end.

Nope – they ended up running into a day later at an X-Ambassador concert on the Iowa State Campus. Adam asked her friends if she was available to go on a date but the friends told him that Hannah had a boyfriend. Sad Adam.

Months pass and Hannah sees Adam at another party. She found herself remembering him and kept telling her friend, “I think that’s the Walk the Moon kid, Adam…I’m pretty sure”. As Adam was leaving the party, Hannah got the courage to say hi. Before Adam really left, they had each others numbers.

These two are getting married this coming March at the Millwork Ballroom in Dubuque, Iowa. We can’t wait!