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Çolpan & Ethan | A private elopement in the park

Çolpan & Ethan are married!

My first time meeting Çolpan & Ethan was at Frame Park in Waukesha. She was wearing a beautiful lace bridal gown from BHLDN and Ethan was in a suit. They were with his parents and a judge from Waukesha County. The morning was rainy, but when I met them, the rain moved on but left a heavy veil of humidity.

They set up two phones on stands to 1) record the ceremony, 2) beam in some people who couldn’t make it. The ceremony was short but very sweet with personal vows. And just like that Çolpan & Ethan were married on a Thursday in August.

It was really beautiful to be a part of this and had it not been for the humidity causing me/us to sweat profusely, I would have been crying behind the lens.

Congratulations Çolpan & Ethan!