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When we initially talked to Lauren & Ryan, it was over Facetime. Things never go smoothly on Facetime and/or Skype. There’s glitches, broken links, a delay that makes all jokes awkward. We can send a man to the moon in 1969 but Facetime… Facetime in 2019 is still bad. Point being – when we Facetimed […]

Victoria & Donny are engaged! Although Victoria & Donny live in Chicago, we met them in Lake Geneva for their engagement session. Victoria’s parents own a lake home there and it feels like second nature to them. We were happy to oblige! A few years ago, when they met online, they realized they had a […]

Rebecca & Phil are engaged! When Rebecca & Phil met, Phil was playing DJ at an all-American themed house party. DJ Phil was killing the vibes playing songs like “American Pie”. When Rebecca asked him to turn on something more lively, he simply said no. The two ended up conversing more when the house party […]

Whitney & Ryan are married! When it comes to planning weddings, there are normal brides, and then there is Whitney. Whitney has worked in the wedding industry for years before she transferred to a corporate setting within the same company. She has planned, setup and has seen hundreds of weddings. As an outsider, Whitney & […]

Just after the new year, Amy & Jason reached out to us for their May wedding. They had a shorter engagement and knew exactly what they wanted. They were planning a small wedding at Engine Company No. 3, they planned great food and Purple Door desserts. In other words, we fell in love with them […]

Amy & Jason are engaged!

As wedding photographers, every week is different. It’s different in so many ways that is hard to articulate in words. It’s actually hard to express it, period. Every wedding, every couple, the weather, every day is different. It’s one of the many joys of our “job”. Helena & Josh, first of all, are so cool. […]

The planning that goes into a wedding takes a village. Some couples use a wedding planner to help out, others tackle it all on their own. Sometimes it’s a mix of help from friends and family. Regardless of how much you plan, things can and will go askew. On Friday morning before Lauren & Micah’s […]

Six years ago, Cassie’s mom and a close family friend set these two to meet while at a wedding. It didn’t go well. Let’s just say Cassie & Matt used the word “hate” after their initial meeting! But, Mom and the family friend convinced them to go on “one date”. They went out for coffee […]

Over the holiday weekend, Kait & Randy were in town from Minneapolis for tons of wedding, family and friend activities. In between it all, they squeeze in their engagement session! It just so happened to fall on their -1 year anniversary too! Kait & Randy met in September of 2014 on Tinder! Their first date […]

Although this was wedding #4, we considered Mandi & Becky our “2019 Kick Off”. Their venue, The Ivy House, is brand new to Milwaukee and showcasing these two there was a dream. Per usual, springtime in Milwaukee is so unpredictable. We watched the weather feverishly as the day approached but the only thing that stood […]

Our personal journey with Emily began in 2014 at Beth & Joel’s wedding. This group of girlfriends is the tightest knit troop around. At the time, we’d photographed one bridesmaids wedding and since then, we’ve had the pleasure of capturing three more! Emily will make number four and we’re thrilled to continue photographing these beautiful […]

Taylor & Nathan are engaged! Last week we met them in the Thirdward to catch up and take a few photos of them. It might have been a tad cold but that just makes it a bit easier to snuggle up! For us, hearing Taylor & Nathan’s story is like hearing the script of a […]

Congratulations Lauren & Chris! When Lauren & Chris began looking for wedding venues, they stopped after their first appointment. They instantly fell in love with City View Loft in Chicago’s west loop. Coincidently, City View Loft had one date in 2019 open. It just so happened to fall on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. They said, […]

Carrie & Mike are engaged! When we first met with Carrie & Mike in January, they were a little unsure about engagement photos. We never pressure couples into them, but tell them the pros. These two said they were a little awkward in front of the camera (mostly Mike – Carrie said) so we worked […]