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Andrea & Adam | A Wedding Reception at the Kimpton

When we met with Andrea & Adam in March, they were very clear about what they were looking for in their wedding plans. They were set to go to the Milwaukee County courthouse on the morning of Friday, May 24. Then, they’d head to the Kimpton Journeyman for brunch with family and a few friends.

They wanted to keep the day quiet, simple and focused on love. Their words reflected our own visions of wedding days and we were for it!

Come May though, plans changed ever so slightly. The courthouse couldn’t accommodate them so Andrea & Adam made their own separate plans to go on their own – just the two of them. When we met them at the Kimpton in the morning, skies were gloomy but we were certain the rain was going to hold off, if only for a little bit.

These two mingled, laughed, cocktailed and brunched with their friends and family all morning. They did a quick dance to Patsy Cline’s Crazy and sat for speeches from several special individuals. As the morning wore on, the skies opened up and it poured. Instead of rushing into a portrait session, we made plans with these two to get together in August for a golden hour when we didn’t have to worry about rain. Andrea & Adam, in their laidback nature, were 100% for this idea.

So, while the actual wedding day plans didn’t completely work out, Andrea & Adam got to celebrate their wedding over several months! It’s completely symbolic of (at least our own relationship) Andrea & Adam’s love story. They’re two people that adore each other with every grain in their body.

We’ve been waiting to showcase these images and we’re so happy to finally do so. Without further ado…

Congratulations Andrea & Adam!