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Val & Cody | A Madison Barn Wedding

Val & Cody are married!

On our way to Bridle Barn & Garden in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, TJ and I passed what appeared to be a standard side-of-the-freeway stop. I said to him, “hey, maybe we should stop and grab a bite to eat.” The silly man replied to me, “nah, there will be more”.

Bridle Barn & Gardens is located on a 14-acre lot outside of Madison. The barn was built in the 1870’s and the farm house on site is charming as ever. BB&G feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere. And, by all means, it is. Let’s just say that Val & Cody were happy to share their lunches with us (me mostly. Read: hanger.)

Now, believe me when I say, Val & Cody’s wedding day was one for the books. It was about 139° in Mount Horeb that day. Okay but actually it was 96° and 100% humidity (according to Val – we blacked out and drove home in our underwear). She said the heat surprised them… along with “how incredibly fun it was to see all your hard work and planning come together into a beautiful, exciting event.”

Even with the surprise heatwave, Val & Cody kept their cool. They took time out of the day to be with each other and present. Their advice to future couples echos this, along with enjoying the planning and to “not stress so much! Everything will turn out fine!”

Congratulations Val & Cody!

All the sweet details

Photographers: TJ & Shannon Uttke

Va’s gown: Miss Ruby Bridal | San Patrick

Cody’s suit: NL Suits

Hair & Makeup: Midwest Beauty House | Hair: Alice, Makeup: Alyssa

Floral: Daffodil Parker

Stationary: Val’s cousin, Angie Adamczyk

Ceremony & reception music: Joe Hite

Catering: Good Food Madison

Donuts: Greenbush Bakery

Bartenders: Catered Cocktails LLC