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2019, the Highlights. Milwaukee’s Best.

And just like that… the wildest year of our lives comes to a close.

2019 started out as what we would consider a “normal” year. It would be the 13th year that TJ photographed weddings and the 8th for Shannon. We photographed 137 sessions that included 31 weddings!

2019 was anything but normal though. Early in January our beloved dog, Beau, was diagnosed with cancer. It didn’t look good for a second but after treatment at UW Veterinary School, she was cancer-free! It was also around that time that we found out even more exciting news. We found out we would be expecting our baby Girl around Thanksgiving! Watching Shannon photograph weddings well into her 9th month of pregnancy was inspiring and crazy.

It truly was a wild year, one that we will never forget. Besides our own milestones, we always remind ourselves how lucky we are to share in the excitement of so many awesome people we work with.

Without any further ado, here was our 2019!

(Baby Rosie makes an appearance toward the end!)